The Wind

stainless steel

16" tall x 22" wide x 14" deep

40.64 cm tall x 55.88 cm wide x 35.56 cm deep

Weight:  55 lbs

In an edition of 35


Inspired by the movement, the wind—whether it be on the surface of water or in the pattern of undulations in the sand—The Wind seeks to at first evoke the vivid sensations wind produces on the skin. To this end, the sculpture shows the ribbons of energy experienced by the seeker—her own neural patterns which, in a moment of focus and one-pointedness, match the vibration of the wind and the world around her.

Thus, The Wind is at once about being in the moment and feeling that moment intensely, from the perspective of being grounded in the world. The sculpture suggests our own receptivity through the senses, and shows us that fluidity, pleasure and ease come when we let ourselves inhabit the moment at hand.