The River

stainless steel

24" tall x 15" deep x 22" wide

60.96 cm tall x 55.88 cm wide x 38.1 cm deep

Weight: 59 lbs

In an edition of 35


 Here the figure is comprised of the dynamic action of water as it flows in riverbeds from an unknown source toward a terminus, which is the ocean.  Thus, water represents not only energy and the inherent interconnectedness of human experience in the modern world, but also the ever-shifting movement of our lives.  Like the river, we are in flux, constantly changing and “re-patterning” in response to myriad stimuli – the give and take of living, thinking, feeling and being – moment to moment and day to day.  Unpredictable, powerful, but also creatively and spontaneously moving, The River expresses the dynamism of the human experience which is essentially ephemeral:  an ever-changing and changeable thing of beauty.