Never Ending

stainless steel

30" tall x 37" wide x 24" deep

76.2 cm tall x 93.98 cm wide x 60.96 cm deep

Weight:  147 lbs

In an edition of 10


In an intimate emotional connection, where does the boundary lie between inside and outside, between me and you? Like a twisting Möbius strip that forms an infinite loop, the powerful flow of energy within and between us moves freely, unconstrained by such notions as skin or space or time. Never Ending conveys this visceral sense of seamlessness, while also honoring the parallel currents that make up two distinct yet intertwined lives. Bruvel’s evocative sculpture also hints that memories or feelings, like bubbles in the stream of time, may sometimes gather—as on the female figure’s chest—and sometimes remain dispersed. And what of the eyes—his like open windows, hers intently fixed? One imagines that in a different moment, her eyes instead would allow his steady gaze to flow straight through.  As the artist puts it: “It makes sense that we look through each other to see ourselves.” Yet the answers to every question stirred up by the work may be as fluid as the piece itself. When viewed from various angles, the figures present entirely different aspects of their relationship—all existing simultaneously, all changing with the flow of time, and each one true.