Cast in Stainless Steel

18"T x 17"D x 17"W

Edition of 20


Gil Bruvel, the renowned multidisciplinary artist based in Texas, has created a new chapter of his seminal Flow Series sculptures. Evolving from organic form and inspired by nature, this body of patina bronze castings has ranged from ethereal representations of human or animal forms to abstract patterns and material objects. Now he turns his talents and collection to design, with a limited edition series of functional fixtures created in the same visionary vein. This master craftsman now uses his gift of manipulating form into practical pieces of furniture, namely the Flow Series: Functional Art.


Hailing originally from France, this incredible artist’s creations started at an early age, apprenticing for his father who was an artisanal carpenter, and learning historical restoration. Through a wide range of influences and mediums, the work has evolved into large-scale bronze pieces that process the magic of natural form through an artist’s creative mind. Influenced by cyma tics, architecture, fractals, science and design, Gil has developed a style that filters the practical knowledge of fluid dynamics and organic processes into groundbreaking works of art.


This brand new trio of furniture will be available only as a limited edition and suitable for both fine art and design exhibition. Consisting of two chairs and a triangular stool, the breathtaking designs that compose Flow Series: Functional Art are cast in stainless steel and utile as well as aesthetically stunning. The Dichotomy Chair clearly draws its dissecting currents of lines from waveforms, with the movement of each half embracing horizontal and vertical plateaus. The base emerges as if organically rooted to the floor and balanced as if grounded in nature itself. Another chair, the Zig Zag Impulse Chair, salutes contemporary architecture and stands frozen, as if woven from living metallic fabric. Like fluid dynamics, the energy in these designs by Gil Bruvel captures the movement of liquids and lines and the oscillations we find in natural formations. His Equilateral Apex Stool stands as a sensual monument to form and function. The geometrics of this small table call to mind mineral and crystal shapes, or petrified wood. In stainless steel, this trio of new pieces by Gil Bruvel converges into an alchemical set of fine art design that brings this artist’s poetic abstractions into the realm of practical ingenuity.