The Well

The Well

World Vision's Water Warrior Award

This project was commissioned by World Vision to design their Water Warrior Award to be presented to their major donors. Gil's idea was chosen as a result of an international competition set up by World Vision.


World Vision is now the world's largest nongovernmental provider of clean water, delivering access to one new person every 30 seconds.  It is drilling wells all over the world to provide clean water.  In Africa alone, there are 1,600 children who die every day of polluted water.  World Vision chose my work because I tried with the sculpture of The Well to evoke health, well being, a sense of relief and belonging to the earth that clean water provides.  In the title, "The Well" is a metaphor about youth nourishing our future on this earth.  Clean water is an essential element to this future.  Furthermore, facial expression is a universal language that all people can understand.


"I wanted to create a sense of fluidity that imitates the movement and beauty of the water, but also portray flow, harmony and peace with the planet.  The expression is intended to evoke health, wellbeing and the sense of relief.  I'm very proud I won this project and can in my own way participate in the generous and beautiful endeavor of World Vision."

                                                                              -- Gil Bruvel


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