The Coolest Artworks from Art NY and Context

Flowing by Gil Bruvel

The New York version of Miami’s CONTEXT art fair teamed up with Art New York to present an astounding array of artworks of all kinds. Emerging artists along with those who are better known had works on display that collectors and those just exploring art could peruse.


Homedit has visited the paired-up fairs in Miami and finds the array of works ad styles very refreshing and engaging. Here, we have picked some of the coolest works we thought that you would like to see.


Since we are suckers for amazing sculpture, this piece by Gil Bruvel is at the top of our list. Called “Flowing,” the piece represents sharing life together and being lost in our own private worlds at the same time. The Australian-born, French-raised artist works using modern technologies like 3D modeling and old-world practices like metal casting to create his amazing works.