Flowing Sculptures of Gil Bruvel, By Jennifer Gori

Gil Bruvel is a “Jack of all Trades” of the art world. Born in 1959 in Australia, he soon moved back to his roots in the South of France. The influences of the iconic landscapes and light of Provence soon led him to art studies, encouraged by his father who introduced him to wood craft. Gil spent years restoring French monuments, concurrently with his own art experiments. He tried his hand at bronze sculpture, mixed media and functional art, creating incredible pieces of design such as chandeliers and chess sets. Gil also mastered painting, playing with 3D effects that reminds of great names such as Dali and Bosch. His weakness for imaginary worlds can also be found in his sculptural work, clearly marked by surrealism and fantasy. Now based in Texas and exhibiting his work all over the world, Gil Bruvel has dedicated himself to pushing the boundaries of contemporary art and beauty even further.

His latest series called The Flow features intricate masterpieces. Using sinuous ribbons of cast stainless steel, he has created dynamic and graceful portraits of women and couples. His “ribbons of energy” express the fluidity of life and discuss the relationship between the physical plane, atomic constitution and metaphoric realms. Beautiful and moving, his creations induce a reflection on the ephemeral nature of our lives, their connections with others and nature.