Colorful Pixelated Wood Sculptures Reveal Complexities of the Human Spirit

On My Way

These pixelated sculptures, made from sticks of painted wood, were conceived to show “topographical depth.” On one side, a face emerges; on the other, an explosion of abstract color bursts forth. This duality is a key component of the series, as viewers are encouraged to explore every crevice and shadow of the sculptures. Upon close examination, it becomes clear that Bruvel’s dynamic use of wood mirrors the dynamism and complexity of the human spirit.


“We are made up of complex systems that influence our everyday lives. The neural connectivity that allows us to not only feel but express emotion works closely together within our heads. These faces embody emotions that accompany meditation or deep inner reflection,” Bruvel tells My Modern Met. “On the back of these artworks is an abstracted visual of synapses firing within the brain. The juxtaposition of the wood sticks mimics the many pathways that make up the human psyche and gives representation to the mostly invisible complexities of thought.”

Though each face is unique, their shared peaceful state helps evoke a sense of inner harmony achieved through deep thought. As the bright synapses of the brain fire away, these tranquil faces demonstrate the contrast between external and internal expressions.